25 May, 2023 - What’s New

From introducing a ‘save for later’ option for shoppers to opening up new channels (like SMS and Point of Sale) to send alerts - we’ve been busy adding several new features that continue to remove friction for the shopper and maximize returns for our merchants.


22 May, 2023 - What’s Improved

We've made several exciting enhancements to improve the user experience. Shoppers can now explore advanced customisation options before the checkout. We have significantly improved the guest shopper experience and sharing wishlists is also now a breeze. Additionally, we've optimized the app to reduce the app footprint, resulting in up to 15% faster loading time for Shopify merchants.


18 May, 2023 - Bug Fixes

Two-way sync for marketing consent data is now live! Now, you can run targeted marketing campaigns more efficiently and with better compliance.