Initialize Save For Later

Create a new list of type 'save for later' for a user.

swat.SaveForLater Init

The swat object contains all Save for Later API under the "SaveForLater" object. This is a special object that is separate from lists API, powering the Save for later metrics and actions.

Before you call other APIs such as add, remove, update. you must first Initialise a Save for Later list.

This will provide you with the specific lid for a type of sfl which will be used in subsequent api calls.


This API should be called first before all other Save for Later API.


swat.SaveForLater.init(onSuccess, onError)


(function() {
  // Execute inside a swym callback functio
  function initializeSaveForLater(swat) {
    let onSuccess = function(response) {
      // WARN Remove logs in production code
      console.log("Successfully Initialized, And we created a Save for Later List", response);
      // Store the SFL list ID in the window object for global access.
      window._saveforLaterListId = response.list.lid; 

    let onError = function(error) {
      // Error is an xhrObject
      // WARN Remove logs in production code
      console.log("There was an Error, while creating the Save For Later List", error);

    // Call the Init function.
    swat.SaveForLater.init(onSuccess, onError);
  window.SwymCallbacks = window.SwymCallbacks || [];

API Parameters

onSuccessfunctionCalled when the Save for Later List is successfully created.
onErrorfunctionCalled when there is an error while creating the Save for Later List.


    "list": {
        "di": "fb283019-487b-4447-99e6-133178f6477e",
        "lty": "sfl",
        "uid": "/sOYTTOc0WqrpkhmWttqouvi3wygUngPfiHU=",
        "cts": 1679667114911,
        "lnote": null,
        "lname": "My SFL List",
        "cby": "[email protected]",
        "lid": "7f69f914-d413-48dc-b449-77e9c3ff08e8",
        "pid": "/IV7e7cGxT1978LieU1jRdMt6XhYfo=",
        "st": 1,
        "cprops": {},
        "id": "ba3b87ac-715e-4b9c-bb87-ac715efb9cb0",
        "uts": 1679667114911,
        "ldesc": {},
        "uby": null,
        "cfor": null
    "userinfo": {
        "fname": "Support",
        "uid": "/sOYTTOc0WqrpkhmWttqouvi3wygUngPfiHU=",
        "m": null,
        "em": "[email protected]",
        "cts": 1652286963869,
        "lname": "Example",
        "pid": "KABSbuGyYCuM6/IV7e7cGxT1978LieU1jRdMt6XhYfo=",
        "uts": 1674475641105