Share via Link

Share list via link that can be shared.


The generateSharedListURL API creates a unique link to your "My Wishlist" page. Once generated, this link can be shared with others. When someone with access to this link clicks on it, they are directed back to the store and shown the sharer's wishlist.


swat.generateSharedListURL(lid, onSuccess, onError)


let lid = "a5decd55-5bfe-4cd4-9991-ed5721ae2914";

let onSuccess = (link, lid) => {
    console.log("Successfully Generated Link ", link, lid);
let onError = (error) => {
  // Error is an xhrObject
    console.log("Error while generating the link", error)

swat.generateSharedListURL(lid, onSuccess, onError);

When someone clicks on the link, it will take them directly to your wishlist, allowing them to see the items you have added and possibly purchase them for you as a gift.


This API is only supported for Logged in Users.

To generate a unique url, the user must have a valid source email address, which is picked up implicitly by the API. If this API is used outside of the login mechanism for a guest user. It will throw an error.

API Parameters

lidguidUnique id of the List to be shared.
onSuccessfunctionCalled if the URL is generated successfully.
onErrorfunctionCalled if the URL generation fails. Error message is passed as argument.

If you would like to have a custom share wishlist page - kindly contact [email protected]. There may be some customization involved to get this working.


A Sample link generated using this API.