Getting Started

Setup Save for Later on your Cart Page.

What is Save for Later ?

Designed to reduce shopping cart abandonment by enabling your shoppers to move products from their cart that they aren't planning to purchase immediately to a Save for Later list.

  1. Reduce cart abandonments
  2. Improve conversions
  3. Unlock marketing opportunities

You can read more about Save for Later here

Enabling the Save for Later feature unlocks a number of high-performance marketing campaigns, including:

Reminders for products that have been saved for later
Back in stock alerts for saved products
Price drop alerts for saved products
Low stock alerts for saved products

Create a Save for Later List

The Save for Later APIs are designed to help you add a simple "Save for Later" button to your store.

You would need to create a list for every user in your store when they first add a product to their save for later list.

On the cart page, you can create a simple button that performs the Save for Later or Remove from Save for Later actions.

File Setup


The file setup process is the same for all Javascript APIs Please follow this link for setting up.