Shopper Context API

Customers created via Swym Platform instead of the e-commerce platform.

Who is a Shopper?

In the context of Shopify, a "shopper" refers to a customer who is browsing and potentially making purchases on an online store that is built on the Shopify platform.

Shoppers can browse through products, add items to their wishlist, and complete their purchases through a Shopify checkout process.

Access scopes

Swym creates a read only accounts for Shopper associated with the commerce platform. This comes as platforms do not provide an easy way to create full accounts due to a lack of information.

These read only accounts are as good as customer accounts, however they are app created.


In your Shopify customer section, you will see wishlist created Accounts like below.

Wishlist Plus Created Read Only Account

Wishlist Plus Created Read Only Account

Using the Shopper Context APIs, any accounts created may not have full permissions; however, these accounts can be converted to full accounts at the merchant's discretion. The platform supports adding more information about the customer, so this should be an easier way to convert.