List Share

Share your Lists via Medium of your choice (Email or Link )

List Share Javascript API is a feature offered by Swym Wishlist that allows end customers to share their wishlists with friends, family, or social media followers.

These APIs make it easy to share in custom use cases, and you can also integrate with our backend for multiple share flows (Share Events and Share Data).

Pre Requisites

  1. Share Feature must be allowed and enabled from Swym Admin (Share Wishlist Settings).
  2. To use this API, the user must be logged in to their account and must have created a wishlist with at least one product. In addition.
  3. The API to share must be called based on your requirement.

Multi App Support

List Share is available for merchants who use Swym's Wishlist Plus or Gift Registry apps. You may also use our REST API for headless builds.


Share Wishlist is a feature that allows shoppers to share their wishlists via email 📧 or link🔗. This could help more people see what's available in your store, get them excited about new items, and draw new customers from social media. Also, by letting customers involve their friends and family in their shopping, it can make them feel more connected to the store.

Use Cases.

  1. Implement custom share buttons: Swym's List Share APIs allow merchants to create custom share buttons that can be integrated into their website or app. This allows customers to easily share their lists with their friends and followers on social media platforms.
  2. Implement a custom modal of share options : You can implement a custom modal of share options that the user can use to access multiple share mediums. (Email, sms, social)
  3. Track shares and engagement: Swym's List Share APIs provide merchants with data on how many times a list has been shared and how many people have engaged with the shared list. This data can help merchants understand how their products are being shared and which products are generating the most interest.
  4. Customizable sharing options: Swym's List Share APIs allow merchants to customize the sharing options available to customers. This includes the ability to limit the sharing of lists to specific social media platforms or to allow customers to share lists via email or messaging apps.

ESP Integration

Swym integrates flawlessly with all leading e-commerce platforms and technology providers. You can learn more about our technology partners by clicking here.

For further inquiries about integration with your specific technology, you can send a support request to [email protected].