List Item Comment Input

List Item comment definition.

This is an object that includes the necessary parameters for creating a new comment on a product within a list item.

let listItemCommentDef = {
  "lid": "list id", 
  "empi": "Product master id",
  "epi": "Product variant id",
  "txt": "Comment text",
  "cprops": {} // optional param
lidstringIdentifier of the list where the comment will be added
empinumber/stringIdentifier of the product master for the list item being commented on
epinumber/stringIdentifier of the product variant for the list item being commented on
txtstringThe actual text content of the comment
cprops (optional)objectOptional. A collection of custom fields formatted as a map

In this instance, lid is the unique identifier for the list where you're adding the comment. empi and epi correspond to the identifiers of the product master and product variant of the list item being commented on, respectively. The txt parameter represents the content of your comment. and, cprops is an optional parameter that allows for the addition of custom fields in the form of a map.