List Share

The Swym Wishlist Plus List Endpoints enable shoppers to Share Wishlists.


Swym's List Share REST API are set of endpoints for allowing users to share their wishlists with others by making it public or sending it via email. The shareable wishlist can be a powerful tool for attracting new customers and fostering a community around your store.


Pricing & Plans

The REST Lists API is available only on our Premium plans or above. Check out our Pricing & Plans page for more information.

Main Features

  1. Email a Wishlist: This feature provides an easy way for users to share their wishlist with others via email. By using Swym as an email service provider, users can send the contents of a shared wishlist to a recipient's email address.
  2. Mark Public: This feature enables users to set a list ID as public, allowing others to access and view the contents of the list.

Use Cases

Promoting Products: By allowing users to share their wishlists, you can promote products and encourage other users to explore more items in your store.
Gift Buying: Shared wishlists can be a convenient tool for gift buying, especially for occasions like birthdays and holidays.
Social Media Marketing: A public wishlist can be shared on social media platforms, driving more traffic to your store and potentially increasing sales.

ESP Integration

Swym integrates flawlessly with all leading e-commerce platforms and technology providers. You can learn more about our technology partners by clicking here.

For further inquiries about integration with your specific technology, you can send a support request to [email protected].

Please navigate to the corresponding pages for detailed information about each endpoint, including their request type, required and optional parameters, example requests and responses, and potential error messages. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of each endpoint.



To implement this flow, you need to have the Authentication and List Create Mechanisms in place

Please refer to our authentication documentation and ensure that the framework for setting up users and creating wishlist flows are built. you can then proceed to incorporate these features.

User Requirements

To use this API, the user must be logged in to their account and must have created a wishlist with at least one product. In addition, for some API features, the user must also have their 'regid' or unique shopper identifier generated by the 'generate-regid' endpoint, and a valid session id which doesn't expire without manual intervention.